Can I use Howard Products on my teak wood?

Most of our products can be used on teak wood.  Teak is a durable wood that is found both inside the home and outside.  Teak that is unfinished (most teak is raw) should be oiled occasionally to bring out the natural beauty and depth of grain as well as keep the teak from drying out.  For Teak found outdoors we recommend using our Sunshield Wood ConditionerSunShield is similar to Feed-N-Wax, but SunShield contains a very effective UV inhibitor that helps protect wood and wood finishes from the suns damaging UV rays.  Furniture that is exposed to daily  sunlight should be  “oiled” with SunShield whenever the wood starts to look dry, faded, loses color, or loses depth of grain. SunShield helps prevent drying, cracking, and deterioration of the wood as it helps protect the wood with a UV inhibitor and natural waxes.

For Teak inside the home, Howard Orange Oil or Lemon Oil is good for monthly “oiling” of the Teak.  Do not use Orange oil that contains silicone oil (Howard Products do not contain silicone oil). Feed-N-Wax also works well on natural raw Teak.  Feed-N-Wax polishes the Teak to a soft luster with a protective coating of carnauba wax and beeswax. 

Some raw teak that is in really bad shape (rough to the touch, oxidized, or splintery) can be lightly sanded and then oiled.  Regularly oiling your Teak furniture with Howard Products will keep the wood looking its best. Feed-N-Wax, Orange Oil, SunShield, Lemon Oil, and even Butcher Block Conditioner and Cutting Board Oil can all be used to “oil” Teak and keep it looking beautiful.