How to remove raised wood grain on butcher block countertops?

Wood grain can rise up when moisture is applied to it. To remove the raised grain, lightly sand in the direction of the wood grain with 220 grit or finer sandpaper. Once you’re done sanding down the raised wood grain, vacuum and wipe up any wood dust with a rag that is slightly damp with water, then wipe dry with a soft cloth. After a few minutes, feel the wood to see if any wood grain needs to be sanded again. If so, repeat the steps above. Once the wood feels smooth, apply a coat of Howard Cutting Board Oil or Butcher Block Conditioner to help protect the wood. For more protection, Wax-It-All food grade wax can be used. 


Some woodworkers like to raise the wood grain before finishing by misting the board with water or food-grade mineral oil. After a few minutes, the wood grain will rise up and a light sanding will remove it.