When to use the Cutting Board Oil and the Butcher Block Conditioner?

Use Cutting Board Oil and Butcher Block Conditioner whenever the wood looks or feels dry by applying one coat of either product. On new or raw wood surfaces, like cutting boards and butcher blocks, make sure to "season" them first with Cutting Board Oil. To properly "season" new wood surfaces, apply at least 2 coats and let each coat soak in for at least an hour. For surfaces thicker than 1.5-inches apply 3-4 coats. Additional coats help ensure that the oil fully soaks into the wood. After Cutting Board Oil, maintain wood with Howard Butcher Block Conditioner by applying 1 coat and let it stand for at least 20 minutes. For countertops, let the conditioner soak overnight and in the morning, wipe away excess. The conditioner helps protect the wood by keeping the mineral oil in and the moisture out. Butcher blocks can be regularly oiled with Cutting Board Oil or Butcher Block Conditioner to keep them seasoned and ready for use. These products can be used together for best results but can be used alone as well.