Should I use products that contain silicone on my wood furniture?

No, silicone is not ideal for polishing wood furniture and wood surfaces. Silicone will create a thin layer on top of the wood finish that can build up with time. This silicone layer makes it difficult to do any touch-up work on the finish if it gets damaged because any oil based products can turn the silicone into a white milky haze. Silicone can shine the finish for a while, but it builds up on top of the wood finish and does nothing for the wood itself. The wood and finish under the silicone will eventually start to dry out and the silicone will have to be removed so oils can be supplied back to the dry wood and finish.


Howard Products does not use silicone in any of their products. Some other companies use silicone as a cheap way to shine surfaces, so make sure to read the ingredients or consider only using Howard Products on your wood furniture. Our products can be used on any wood finish, but they were designed for antique finishes where stripping the finish is not an option. Our products maintain the original "patina" of an antique finish - so it maintains its character and value of an antique. ​On new finishes, just use a small amount of Feed-N-Wax and Orange Oil because the finish hasn't had enough time to dry out so it doesn't need as much oils as an antique would.​