Howard Butcher Block Conditioner

Food Grade Mineral Oil & Natural Waxes

  • Exceeds U.S. FDA regulations for direct and indirect contact with food
  • Revitalizing blend prevents drying and cracking of hardwoods and bamboo
  • Natural waxes provide another level of protection
  • Ideal for salad bowls, wooden spoons and wooden toys

Specialized wood care for butcher blocks, cutting boards, wooden bowls and utensils. The penetrating quality of food-grade mineral oil along with the water-resistant traits of beeswax and carnauba wax rejuvenates the wood and prevents drying and cracking. The natural waxes help repair knife marks and protect the wood by keeping the mineral oil in and the moisture out.


Customer Testimonials

Bought four bottles of your Butcher Block Conditioner. What a fantastic product! I started out using it for my snack tables and ended up using it for all my bathroom and kitchen wood cabinets; now, they look like new. You really need to get the word out; this is a superior product. Thank you.
I am writing to thank you for the Butcher Block Conditioner. I am an antique bowl collector. I use my bowls regularly. I condition them to prevent stains and cracking. I have used a variety of bee's wax products which inevitably leave the bowls sticky and then the dust collects and sticks to the bowls. I eventually have to remove the built up layers of product. When I received your product, I thoroughly cleaned five bowls of various ages and types of wood.Your product was superior on ALL of the bowls - maple, cherry, old, and even the new bowl from Africa. My bowls are protected, silky - not sticky, and in my 1760's house, they appear not to attract the dust. I love your product! I recommend it to everyone.
I wanted to let you know how important your Butcher Block Conditioner is to me and my business. A few months ago my wife and I launched a toy company called Young Minds At Play. Our website is and we manufacture and sell solid hardwood education toys for babies and toddlers. Your Butcher Block Conditioner is the only finish we apply to the toys that we manufacture. We needed a child-safe food-grade finish to apply to our solid hardwood cherry and maple toys. We started this business because we were tired of all of the product recalls from lead paint and plastics and we wanted safe toys for our newborn son. He is also our chief tester and puts all of the toys in his mouth and with your product we don't have to worry when he does that! As soon as I finish cutting out a cherry toy, I sand it and apply your Butcher Block Conditioner. It instantly brings out the beautiful reds and rich tones of the cherry wood. I let it soak in and wipe it down with a cotton rag. You can see how great it looks from the pictures on our website. Thanks again and I'll soon be buying in bulk!